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Become powerful lords desperate to gain control and influence over the great city of Waterdeep. Players must get their hands on resources, either through trickery or force!

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Lords of Waterdeep is a fantasy board game where 2-5 players aged 12 years or over will hire adventurers and deploy agents to expand their influence over the Waterdeep city.

Players must fight for control of the city by will placing their meeples onto the correct spots on the board. If successful, players will gain actions and resources to use against their fellow players.

To make the game even better players will have the chance to purchase buildings. These will act as extra spots on the playing board which is constantly changing and may require extra planning and adjusting. To top it all off, if other players are to use your buildings you will receive a reward!

Lords of Waterdeep Gameplay

In games of Lords of Waterdeep players will take on roles of masked Lords of Waterdeep, the secret rulers of the city. Players will recruit adventurers to complete quests, earn rewards and increasing their influence over the city.

Throughout the game players will expand their city by purchasing buildings and either hindering or helping other lords.

Gain points and resources by playing intrigue cards, completing quests, constructing buildings and playing intrigue cards. The game ends after eight rounds and the player with the most points is the winner!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Lord of Waterdeep below:

  • Game Board
  • Storage Tray
  • 5 Player Mats
  • Adventurer Cubes x100
  • Score Markers x5
  • Agents x25
  • Ambassador
  • Lieutenant
  • First Player Marker
  • Lord of Waterdeep Cards x11
  • Intrigue Cards x50
  • 60 Quest Cards x60
  • Die-Cut Pieces x70
  • Rulebook

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