Letters from Whitechapel


Discover the dreary streets of Whitechapel in 1888 during the time of Jack the Rippers murders. Solve the mysteries once and for all by taking on the role of either police detectives or Jack the Ripper himself.

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Letters from Whitechapel is a game where 2-6 players aged 14 years or over will take on the roles of Jack the Ripper and the team of investigators tracking his movements. Prepare to discover the dreary Whitechapel district set in London 1888 and enter the scene of the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders.

Each round begins with Jack selecting his next victim and committing a frightful murder. Jack will then need to escape to his hideout without being caught by investigators. The investigators must watch and wait so they are ready to spring into action and make an arrest.

Letters from Whitechapel Gameplay

Choose one player to take on the role of Jack the Ripper who will need to take five victims without being caught. The remaining players are police detectives determined to find Jack the Ripper before the game ends.

The Letters from Whitechapel game board represents the area during the time of Jack the Ripper. Throughout the game players will move Jack the Ripper, the Wretched, and the Detectives along dotted lines that representing Whitechapel’s streets.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Letters from Whitechapel below:

  • Game board
  • Jack the Ripper Screen
  • Pad of Jack’s Movement Sheets
  • Jack’s Sheet
  • Police Sheets x5
  • Head of Investigation Tiles x5
  • Letters x4
  • Wooden Jack Pawns x2
  • Wooden Policemen Pawns x5
  • Wretched Pawns x5
  • Clear Plastic Clue Tokens x19
  • Red Plastic Crime Scene Tokens x5
  • Yellow Plastic False Clue Tokens x3
  • Cardboard Woman Tokens x8
  • Cardboard Police Patrol Tokens x7
  • Time of the Crime Token
  • Coach Tokens x3
  • Alley Tokens x2

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