Lelith Hesperax (Drukhari)


Bring one of the deadliest warriors known as Lelith Hesperax to your battles of Warhammer 40k! The leader of the army is a melee expert and skilled duellist, essential to the Drukhari forces.

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Lelith Hesperax is a leader of the Drukhari forces and is well known for her fighting abilities. The miniature lacks armour and much prefers close combat, for example she is known to have fought against 10 opponents at the same time without a scratch. She is one of the most deadly of her kind and is known for having razor sharp blades within her long hair. Using her weapons, she is capable of killing multiple warriors within seconds but her main goal is to capture the Chaos Lord of the Emperors children. Lelith is a natural born killer and makes a perfect contribution to the Drukhari forces.

Drukhari, also known as the Dark Eldar, are a highly advanced alien race consisting of mainly pirates and slavers. They take great pleasure in inflicting as much pain to their enemies as possible by stalking their targets and striking without warning. The Drukhari are well known for their high speed attacks and are capable of travelling faster than light using their ability to warp jump. The army do not live on a settled world, instead the population is mainly found within the Dark City of Commorragh. They make up for their lack of numbers with their advantages of speed and technology, making them an essential addition to all battles of Warhammer 40k.

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Lelith Hesperax Components

Assemble, Paint and Battle using the following components:

  • 10x Plastic Components
  • Citadel 32mm Round Base

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