Lady Annika The Thirsting Blade


Lady Annika can tear through prey with her quick reflexes and fuel her murderous rampage. The vampire will boost the effectiveness of attacks and provide more strength and power for the Soulblight Gravelords.

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Lady Annika The Thirsting Blade brings a legendary thirst for blood to the Soulblight Vampires. The fancy looking vampire wears a long trailing gown and is armed with a sharp blade and fangs. Her presence alone will boost the effectiveness of all attacks to introduce more power and strength to the Grand Alliance of Death. Using her blade, Proboscian, she is able to draw blood from her enemies in an instant and provide for her endless thirst. The monstrous killer gets even more deadlier as she continues to drain her victims in blood and joins in combat with her enchanted sword.
The Soulblight Gravelords are a powerful force consisting of Vampires, Zombies and Skeletons who are controlled by their compelling thirst for blood. They will stop at nothing to kill any living soul and even bring some back from the dead to join the opposing side and fight against their loved ones. The soul purpose of Lady Annika is to end lives, just as her leader Nagash commands. She will tear through her prey and drain their blood with extremely quick reflexes to feed her murderous rampage.
Use the Citadel Colour System and unleash your creative skills with this highly detailed miniature. After deciding which method you will use to paint, simply follow the easy steps and bring your miniature to life. Choose from a variety of different colours all designed specifically for Warhammer and begin painting Lady Annika The Thirsting Blade ready for deadly battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

Lady Annika The Thirsting Blade Components

Assemble, Paint and Battle using the following components:

  • 10x Plastic Parts
  • Citadel 60mm Oval Base

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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