Kragnos: The End Of Empires


The God of Earthquakes, Kragnos has return to lead the forces of Destruction on a world-shaking rampage. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, he is highly resistant to magic and an unstoppable force perfect for battle!


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Kragnos: The End of Empires has broken free from the ancient prison situated beneath mountains. Due to the help of Alarielle the Everqueen, he is now able to continue his rampage through the Mortal Realms. Using unstoppable force, he is able to kill fully grown dragons and lead the forces of Destruction. Armed with a Tuskbreaker shield and Berserk Charge he is able to give deadly blows and cause great violence.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a tabletop game that introduces you to the fantasy world of monsters and heroes. Set in the Mortal Realms, you will need to build your army and form part of the Grand Alliance of Death, Order, Chaos or Destruction. Introduce Kragnos to your Age of Sigmar army and watch as the Gods clash in battles of eternal war!

Bring this spectacular miniature to life using the Citadel Colour System. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours and ready your miniature for future Warhammer battles. Standing at nearly 7.5 inches tall, he makes an impressive presence on the tabletop!

This kit contains the components for Kragnos as well as options for different faces and poses.

Kragnos: The End of Empires Components

The full list of components will be in a list below:

  • 74x Plastic Components
  • Citadel 130mm Round Base

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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