Killzone Chalnath


Killzone Chalnath offers you components for ruined buildings to battle over, perfect for those wanting to start a new terrain collection or add to an existing one. The kit includes five ruined walls, two massive ruined buildings, and a game board!

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Killzone Chalnath is an expansion set for Warhammer 40k Kill Team and includes a range of Imperial terrain pieces. As well as providing an excellent set of terrain, this box allows you to recreate mission layouts using the Chalnath book. This is the perfect complement for your Kill Team games and is an ideal way to begin or expand your previous terrain collection.

Chalnath Expanse was once considered home to industrial zones until war erupted between both the T’au Empire and the Imperium. Kill Teams now scurry through the wasteland and across demolished buildings that provide cover from enemy fire. Set in the grim universe of Warhammer 40,000 and using the same miniatures, this fast-paced and easy-to-learn game is ideal for new players or those just looking for a quicker game.

We highly recommend using both the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to assemble and decorate your miniatures. Discover the wide and impressive range of Citadel paints, all designed specifically for Warhammer painting, and pick out your favourites. Once primed and ready, introduce your new terrain to the endless battles of Warhammer 40k Kill Team!

Killzone Chalnath Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Ruined Walls x5
  • Chalnath Ruined Buildings x2
  • Double-Sided Game Board – 30″ x 22.4″

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