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This Kill Team Octarius Book covers all the key rules for both the Ork Kommandos and the Veteran Guardsman. Including information such as rare equipment, tactical ploys, and a range of battlefield roles!

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This Kill Team Octarius Book contains 96-pages worth of information regarding the Veteran Guardsmen and Ork Commandos Kill Teams. War Zone Octarius contains entire armies which are consumed into apocalyptic conflict with every day that passes. Whether in scorching hot deserts, steaming jungles, demolished cities or industrial wastelands, the Veteran Imperial Guardsmen will fight the sneaky Ork Kommandos in endless battles. With every clash, the fate of both armies and even worlds completely depends on their actions.

This gaming supplement for Warhammer 40k Kill Team is the essential guide containing background information and rules for both factions. Also included is nine missions to play by any faction and the Octarious war zone.

Kill Team is a tabletop war game in which 2-4 players compete against each other using smaller squads and brutal weapons. Each player will lead a team of elite fighters and battle over objectives using tactical combat. Set in the grim universe of Warhammer 40,000 and using the same miniatures, this fast-paced and easy to learn game is ideal for new players or those just looking for a quicker game. These skirmishes take place on compact battlefields filled with obstacles so the action never stops.

Kill Team Octarius Book Contents

Find the full list of contents below:

  • Team Rules
  • Equipment Details
  • Battlefield Roles
  • Datacards
  • Shadow Operations Missions x9

A copy of the Kill Team Core Book is required to fully use this supplement.

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