Jamaica Board Game (2nd Edition)


Visit the island of Jamaica in this pirate-themed board game. Race against other ships and battle to win the treasure and get to Port Royal!

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Search for treasure in the Jamaica Board Game as you race and battle against other ships. The game is set in 1675 and comes in a treasure chest style box and rule book themed treasure map to get you thinking like pirates.

Suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 and above, sail your way around the island until you reach Port Royal. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds. You will need food to feed your crew and money to dock at a port, if you are low on either of these you will have to retreat to the first spot you can afford. Resulting to this will damage all the hard work you have made so far and push you to the back of the competition. So, make your decisions wisely and battle for treasure to gain the most gold.

The Jamaica Board Game can last anywhere between 30-60 minutes per game. Make your decisions carefully and race to the finish line with as much gold as you can claim!


We have provided a straight-forward set of rules to get you started:

  1. Active player rolls two dice and places them in the day and night navigation box.  The numbers rolled on the dice determines what values your action cards will have.
  2. Each player then selects one card and faces it down.
  3. All players will now reveal the cards they have chosen.
  4. If this results in you moving onto a location with a skull, you gain a treasure card.
  5. Landing on a space with a diamond means you must pay food.
  6. If your ship moves to another player’s space, a battle will commence.
  7. The first player to end in Port Royal will win!

Jamaica Board Game Components

Jamaica Board Game contains pirate-themed components as listed below:

  • Rule Book
  • Game Board
  • 66 Action Cards
  • 12 Treasure Cards
  • 80 Gold Tokens
  • 45 Food Tokens
  • 45 Powder Tokens
  • 6 Plastic Boats
  • 3 Dice

Jamaica Board Game Review

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