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Veiled in secrecy and designed as more than a weapons platform, the Imperial Interdictor was equipped with an experimental gravity well to rip Rebel ships out of hyperspace. This made it a dangerous tool for the Empire, and the ship’s gravity-based technologies are represented in Armada by its new Experimental Retrofit upgrade slots.

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The Interdictor cruiser was designed as a major part of the Empire’s response to the elusive Rebel threat. Although its shape resembles that of a Star Destroyer, the Interdictor is smaller, and it sacrifices the Star Destroyer’s focus on shields and firepower in favor of advanced gravity-well projectors that are capable of wrenching enemy ships out from hyperspace. When an Interdictor is deployed along one of the galaxy’s hyperlanes, it can spell doom for any unsuspecting Rebel captain, cutting off the Alliance’s vital escape routes and strangling the galaxy’s last hope for freedom.

As a medium-base capital ship, the Interdictor Combat Refit would appear, at first, to play a similar role in your fleet as a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Both have roughly the same hull values and fleet-point costs, although the Interdictor Combat Refit goes slightly above the Victory in both regards, featuring nine hull to the Victory‘s eight, and weighing in at ninety-three fleet points, compared to the eighty-five fleet points of the pricier Victory II-class Star Destroyer.

What you get for those extra fleet points, then, is a starship that is a bit more well-rounded. It lacks the big six-die attack from its forward hull zone that the Victory can boast, but it can fire four dice each from three of its four hull zones. This means that if you can line up your shots on the diagonal, you can bring eight dice against a single enemy ship—nearly as many as the nine the Victory can fire when it lines up shots from both its forward hull zone and either its left or right hull zones.

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