Imperial Nobility Team: The Bögenhafen Barons (Blood Bowl)


Build a tough and dependable team that includes Blitzers with this Blood Bowl Set. You can now use different tricks from your standard human teams and flaunt it during battle!


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The Imperial Nobility Team have a very different skill set making them harder to play against, although they are similar to Human teams. Clad in the best equipment, this team will be found on any pitch looking spectacular.

The team are here to shake things up during battle and this set includes 12 incredible miniatures to participate in you Blood Bowl games. Imperial Retainer Linemen work across the field and can pick up skills, staring with fend. This skill means opponents would have to use a Blitz after you have been pushed back. Imperial Throwers have a running pass so complicated games can be played with ease. The Noble Blitzers are crucial players that will gain star player points during games as they make their scores. They come with both block and catch, making them ideal team members that can become a force to be reckoned with. Last but not least is the Bodyguards, that stand firm and take down opponents.

The Imperial Nobility Team with make the ultimate contribution to your games of Blood Bowl!

Imperial Nobility Team Components

Add to your collection for your games of Blood Bowl by building the new Imperial Nobility Team which includes:

  • 4 Imperial Retainer Linemen
  • 4 Bodyguards
  • Noble Blitzers x2
  • Imperial Throwers x2
  • Turn Counters x2
  • 4 Balls
  • 12 32mm Round Blood Bowl Bases
  • Transfer Sheet

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