Fafnir Rann


The incredible Fafnir Rann miniature looks like he could be a son of Russ, but actually he is one of the stoic Imperial Fists. Unstoppable on attack and unyielding in defence, he and his twin axes will slice through any opponents foolish enough to get close!

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As part of the Black Library celebration, Fafnir Rann has been released to take to the battles of the Horus Heresy with both his twin axes known as The Headsman and The Hunter. With rules also available to download using the Warhammer Community website, this brutal warrior is the perfect addition to your Imperial Fists Legion and will make your enemies rue the day that they crossed paths with the sons of Dorn!

The sons of Dorn are known for their loyalty, discipline, and methodical approach. Fafnir Rann has these qualities along with a ruthless nature that sent him to the forefront of the Imperial Fists. He is not measured by the Legion’s practice cages, but instead by the grim tally of corpses left from his twin power axes. Rann will often be found fighting with determination and faith in the Emperor’s dominion, earning the moniker of “Dorn’s Executioner”.

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Fafnir Rann Components

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  • Plastic Components x25
  • Weapon Options
  • Citadel 32mm Round Base

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