Impact: Battle of Elements Dice Game


Battle and knock out your fellow players in this game of Impact: Battle of Elements. This fast and fun game requires players to use special powers and collide dice to win!

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Impact: Battle of Elements is a dice game where 2-5 players aged 8 years and over will compete to become the Master of Elements. Similar to games of Strike, players will need to knock each other using their use and special powers.

Players will start with five dice each all showing symbols. If two or move dice happen to show the same symbol then a player will claim them and earn special powers. The winner is the last player with dice remaining at the end of the game!

This dice game is incredibly fast to learn and fun to play, making it an ideal family and party board game!

Impact Gameplay

Games of Impact starts with player rolling one die into the arena. If two or more dice happen to show the same symbol, that player will claim those dice and end their turn.

If a die only shows a blank face it will removed from play and if no symbols happen to match, the player has the choice of ending their turn or throwing another die in the arena. The last remaining player with dice wins the game!

This game includes special powers, if players are able to match dice you get to use the power unique to that symbol.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Impact below:

  • Dice Arena
  • Foam Mat
  • Instructions
  • Dice x26

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