Hunt for the Ring


Explore the Middle-Earth in this adventure game that recreates chapters of The Lord of the Rings. Take on the roles of Frodo and the Nazgûl as you journey from the Shire to Rivendell to resist corruption.


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Hunt for the Ring is a hidden movement game where 2-5 players aged 13 years and over will take on various roles. The game plays over two chapters, each on different game boards.

Throughout the game Frodo players will attempt to travel from Shire to Bree. If they manage to reach their end goal without being caught they will win. However, if the Ringwraith players figure them out they will gain corruption points which could result in failure of the game.

Gameplay alternates between day and night phases. The day phase grants each player a turn and the night phase will grant extra movement. The Ringwraith player will also get hunting options throughout the night phase.

Hunt for the Ring Gameplay

Below is a simplified version of how to play Hunt for the Ring:

  1. On the Frodo’s company turn, players will use paper behind a screen.
  2. Players will move using numbered locations or “dot” spaces.
  3. Ringwraith players will then find try to find Frodo by using dice to move and take actions.
  4. Use Sorcery Cards to grant special abilities.
  5. Ringwraith players can also ask the Frodo player about general areas they may have been to.
  6. When they think the Frodo player has been found, they will perform a “Hunt”.
  7. If they succeed, the Frodo player will take corruption point.
  8. Too many corruption points can result in the loss of the game.
  9. If the Frodo player is not caught and reaches their end goal, they win.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Hunt for the Ring below:

  • Double-Sided Game Board
  • Player Screen
  • Gandalf’s Letter/Envelope
  • Rulebook
  • 110x Cards
  • 6x Reference Cards
  • 2x Boards
  • 80x Tokens/Counters
  • 7x Plastic Figures
  • 7x Custom Dice

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Lord of the Rings

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