House Of Faith (Necromunda)


House of Faith is the definitive guide to everything House Cawdor. Discover the background and history of the house and rule the Underhive by using faith and fire!


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House of Faith is the definitive guide to everything House Cawdor. This 136-page hardback reveals all you need to know to take control of the Underhive and explore the history of the house. Read through the rules and gain control over eight different types of fighters known as Priests, Deacons, Word-Keepers, Firebands, Cawdor Brethren, Bonepickers, Zealots and Redemptionist Brethren.

Necromunda is a tabletop war game designed for players to control gangs in the Underhive. Based on the hive world of factories and mines founded during the Dark Age of Technology, players will have to fight through crime-ridden and heavily polluted environments. The oldest undercities is where players will gain experience, equipment and members as they fight until their death, without ever seeing daylight. Necromunda is played using a 3D tabletop layout that includes multiple story buildings and bridges set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

House of Faith is an expansion and requires a copy of either the Necromunda Rulebook or Dark Uprising Rulebook to be used.

House of Faith Contents

Below is a list of contents:

  • Background information on the origins of House Cawdor.
  • Rules required to field a Cawdor Gang.
  • Rules required to hire Hangers-on and Brutes
  • The rules on using House Agents, Bounty Hunters and Hive Scum.
  • How to form Strong Alliances.
  • Additional Rules.
  • Weapon Reference Chart.
  • Table of Gang Tactics.
  • Hiring Character Rules

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