Deathfire: Horus Heresy Book 32 (Paperback)

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A Horus Heresy novel

Artellus Numeon urges the Salamanders on Macragge to return their primarch’s body to Nocturne – there to be reborn in the flames of Mount Deathfire.

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The Salamanders embark upon an odyssey across the galaxy. Primarchs, daemons and haunting visions bar their path and a physical journey becomes an emotional one as Numeon and his brothers struggle to reconcile Vulkan’s seeming death with their certainty that he will return. And let’s not forget the massive battle as the Death Guard invade Nocturne…

Vulkan lies in state beneath the Fortress of Hera, and yet many of his sons still refuse to believe that he is truly dead. After a seemingly miraculous rescue by the Ultramarines, Artellus Numeon, once captain of the Pyre Guard, urges the other Salamanders on Macragge to leave Imperium Secundus and return their primarch’s body to the home world of Nocturne – there to be reborn in the flames of Mount Deathfire. But Numeon grapples endlessly with his doubts and fears for the future of the Legion, while their foes seek to carve out new destinies of their own…

Written by Nick Kyme

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Nick Kyme


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