Hokkaido is a map-building card game that forms part of the Nippon series. Players must expand their unique personal maps and maximise their scoring possibilities!

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Hokkaido is a board game where  2-5 players aged 8 years and over will expand the mountainous landscape.

Now they have established themselves in Honshu, the Lords and Ladies are heading north to Hokkaido. Here they will expand the land and face greater challenges than ever before. Hokkaido is the second largest Japanese island and is well known for its volcanoes, hot springs and ski areas.

Hokkaido is the second map-building game in the Nippon series. The game consists of twelve rounds which are each divided into separate phases. Players must expand their map to score points!

Hokkaido Gameplay

Hokkaido plays over a series of twelve rounds each with four phases. Every card contains six squares featuring different terrain and features including mountains, forests, lakes, towns, factories and unused fields.

Each player will have a starting card which contains mountainous terrain and resource cubes. During each round players will lay down cards and extend the landscape following the corresponding rules. Points will be scored when lakes and mountains squares are near each other and there is additional points for woodlands or towns.

Games will usually last around 30 to 40 minutes.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • Total Cards x80
  • Map Cards x60
  • Starting Province Cards x6
  • Scoring Summary Cards x5
  • Goal Cards x9
  • Terraforming Tiles x15
  • Wooden Resources x56
  • Scoring Pad.
  • Rulebook

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