Herd Mentality


Herd Mentality is a moo-velously part game which all the family can play. The aim of the game is to simply think like the herd and avoid being the odd one out!

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Herd Mentality is a great party game for 4-10 players aged 10 years or over. The aim of the game is simple, players must write down the same answers as fellow players. If the answer is within the majority you will win, however, if you are the odd one out all chances of winning the game are lost and you will be given the angry pink cow!

Rounds of this game will last roughly 20 minutes each and the first player to collect all 8 cows will become the winner of the game!

Herd Mentality Gameplay

The game begins when a chosen player reads out a question. All other players will need to write an answer they believe everybody else has written in order to earn a cow token. Each player will now read out their answers and the most popular answer wins, those who have a different answer will not win a token. However, if only one person gets the answer wrong they will have to take the pink cow and add it to their collection, this also means they are not able to win the game. The player with the most cow tokens wins!

Game Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Squeezy Pink Cow
  • 3D Cardboard Cow Paddock
  • Cow Tokens
  • Question Cards
  • Answer Pads

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