Heavy Intercessors (Primaris Space Marines)


Heavy Intercessors are troops armed with a variety of weaponry including heavy bolt rifles and heavy bolters. They make a great addition to the Space Marines and are excellent for holding objectives!

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Heavy Intercessors are tough new troops equipped with Gravis Pattern Power Armour and strength 5 Heavy Bolt Rifles, perfectly designed to attack their rivals. They have the final say in warfare and are always ready for the enemy to attack. Main roles for the Heavy Intercessors are to secure ground and blunt enemy counter-attacks.

Intercessor Squad are made up of reliable warriors that can stand firm and lay down fire while holding terrain.  They are standard infantry units of the Primaris Space Marines and are able to adapt to the tasks they are given. Each member comes equipped with a variant of Bolt Rifle due to their long range, a Frag and Krak Grenades. Different chapters also have roles for the Intercessor Squad, for example they are defenders of the Raven Guard and breach-suppressors of the Imperial Fists.

Space Marines are direct descendants of The Emperor of Mankind as well as the last hope for humanity. The fearsome warriors lack in numbers, though each one is worth a thousand men. They are genetically designed superhumans that stand over 7 feet tall with a skeleton as strong as steel. Even the deadliest weapons in the galaxy will struggle to damage their ancient power armour encased in thick plates. Each chapter of the Space Marines have unique strengths and many powerful weapons to choose from to help aid them during battle.

The entire Heavy Intercessor squad can be armed with Executor Bolt Rifles, Hellstorm Bolt Rifles or Heavy Bolt Rifles. One miniature can also be armed with a Heavy Bolter, Executor Heavy Bolter or Hellstorm Heavy Bolter.

Heavy Intercessors Components

  • 120x Plastic Parts
  • 5x Citadel 40mm Round Bases
  • Space Marines Transfer Sheet

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