Harbingers Of Destruction Dice (Warcry)

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  • Roll your way to victory for the Destruction Grand Alliance!
  • All the dice you need to play Warcry: Catacombs
  • D6s feature the Warcry icon on the 6 face

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The skirmish battlefields of Warcry are a dangerous place, so what better way to channel the favour of the gods of Destruction than with a set of dice blessed by their omnipotence?

These 16mm six-sided dice are presented in a bespoke flip top box.

The dice set includes:

– 6x opaque green dice with white details
– 6x opaque black dice mixed with flecks of green and white details
– 4x opaque light grey and cream dice with a swirl, and green details, which can be used as Wild Dice

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