Griff Oberwald (Blood Bowl)


Become a strong and incredible player without any weaknesses and win games using special abilities! Bring this top-ranking player to your games of Blood Bowl and build your reputation.

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Blood Bowl is a fantasy football game played by a massive variety of different teams with preferred styles and unique skills. To win a game, each team will need to score more touchdowns than their main opponent. However, some players let anger get the better of them and kill their way to success. Coach your players and test their strengths to create champions. A miniature that is already hitting the ground running, is the talented Griff Oberwald.

Griff Oberwald is tall and strong with an amazing set of skills and abilities making him superior to his peers. Easily recognisable from his success playing for Human teams, Griff deserves a place on all teams. Clad in gold armour, he is well protected and still able to run freely as star player. Aseemble, paint and play with this stunning miniature in multiple teams!

Griff Oberwald Components

This incredible and highly detailed miniature that includes the following components to be built:

  • 13 Components for Model
  • 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base

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