Grand Archive TCG – Mortal Ambition First Edition Booster Box

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Welcome to Sanguo, a vast land fertile and rich with culture and traditions. Join the Champions as they uncover the secrets of this world’s guardians, engage in its politics, and discover romance while saving the world from its impending disaster. Will they save Sanguo in time or will conflict and war drive it to its end first?

Mortal Ambition is a standard set that supports all seven classes, with a focus on the Mage and Warrior classes.

• Mortal Ambition contains 229 unique cards, with 75C, 59U, 55R, 32SR, 8UR, 11CSR, and 1CUR cards.
• Each Booster Box contains 24 packs (now with15 cards per pack).
• There are also 238 foil variation cards in this set.

• 15 x Cards Per Pack

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