Gloomhaven (5th Printing)


Take on the role of an adventurer and discover Gloomhaven. Work together to explore new locations and enhance your abilities to clear out dungeons and ruins!


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Gloomhaven is a game that is played over multiple sessions. Providing for 1-4 players over the age of 12, you can explore the fantasy world and make decisions that will determine the outcome of the game.  Fight against monsters using your cards that determine the order of play and be careful as taking too long to clear a dungeon can lead to exhaustion.

Gain treasure as you build your map of game tiles and defeat the creatures within your path.  This game can take multiple sessions to complete as you discover your very own unique adventure around the world which surrounds Gloomhaven.

Gloomhaven Gameplay

Gloomhaven can be complex at first, so we have provided a brief overview:

  1. Decide on a mission to complete from the map.
  2. Select two cards to play and apply the results.
  3. After attack, reveal the top card from your deck and apply the number given to your damage.
  4. Apply your total damage to your enemy target using the tokens.
  5. Once your damage tokens equal to your health value they are removed and replaced with a money token.
  6. When an ability gives you advantage on an attack, draw two modifier cards, and choose one to use.
  7. If you have disadvantage, draw two modifier cards, and use the worst one.
  8. When you have completed the actions from your cards, place them in your discard pile.
  9. Players unwilling to play their cards can perform a long rest. This means you cannot perform any actions, instead choose one of your discarded cards to get rid of and take the rest back. Heal two points of damage and refresh used item cards.
  10. A short rest happens at the end of the round and allows you to randomly take back discarded cards. Take one damage for picking a second random card if you do not like the first one.
  11. Each monster type present in the scenario will flip a card when players reveal their chosen cards. Elite monsters are stronger and activate before normal ones.
  12. If at any point a character’s health drops to zero or they are unable to take a turn, they are removed from the game.
  13. To avoid damage, you can choose to lose a card from your hand.
  14. Once all players and monsters have taken their turns the round will end.
  15. Now you can begin a new round until you complete your scenario.

Game Components

  • Miniatures
  • Cardboard Map Tiles
  • Tokens
  • Monsters

Gloomhaven Review

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