Ghurish Expanse Age of Sigmar Realmscape


This Ghurish Expanse Age of Sigmar Realmscape provides the perfect foundation for all Age of Sigmar battlefields. The two double-sided boards will fold out to the exact size necessary for 1,000 point games!

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Ghurish Expanse makes the perfect foundation for all your  Age of Sigmar battlefields!

Adventure upon battlefields of Ghur using these double-sided boards which fold out and feature swamps on the one side and wastelands on the other. When placed together, the boards will make a battlefield that measures 44.8″ x 30″, the ideal foundation for a huge range of the Citadel scenery products. These are perfect for 1,000 point games of Age of Sigmar, they can also create battlefields for games of 2,000 point or more when purchasing two or more sets.

The Era of the Beast witnesses armies clashing across all different manners of terrain, including unpleasant bogs, ancient ruins and snow-capped mountains. No two battlefields are the same and the forces of Order, Death, Chaos, and Destruction search to find corners of the world yet to withstand battle.

Ghurish Expanse Components

The Ghurish Expanse boards are made out of thick and durable card to ensure it’s excellent condition even after constant use. The boards measure 22.4″ x 30″ and are able to be folded into eighths so they can be easily stored in the included sleeve.

As the rules found in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book are easily expandable, you may want to purchase two or more sets when needed for games of 2,000 points.

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