General’s Handbook 2021 (Age of Sigmar)


This 2021 General’s Handbook includes new battleplans ways to play your Age of Sigmar games! Also featuring updates rules, points, profiles and tokens.

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General’s Handbook introduces new ways to play your games and includes updates rules, profiles, battleplans and double-sided tokens for Pitched Battle 2021!

Enhance your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with this essential 2021 version of the General’s Handbook. This edition also includes the 34-page softback Pitched Battle Profiles book!

You will find an introduction to the Pitched Battle Profiles as well as descriptions of the four different battlefield roles known as Behemoth, Artillery, Battleline, and Leader. There is updated profiles for every faction, unit and Grand Alliance found within Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

General’s Handbook Contents

Find the contents of the General’s Handbook below:

– Background information on both Ghur and the Realm of Beasts
– Description of the war taking place in Thondia
– Special Rules
– Two  core battalions for players to include in their armies
– Rules dictating what an army will achieve during battle
– Rules for eight different battle tactics
– A photocopiable scoring sheet so players can keep track of the objectives throughout battle
– Guidance on the accepted standard for miniatures in the Pitched Battle games
– 12 battleplans including Marking Territory, First Blood, Savage Gains, Survival of the Fittest, Power Struggle, Tectonic Interference, The Vice, Apex Predators, Power in Numbers, Tooth and Nail, Feral Foray, and The Veins of Ghur
– List of all official publications
– Updated warscrolls
– Core rules

The book has a ring-bound design and different battleplans layout designed to save space and still provide essential information.

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