Formula D


Formula D is a Formula One racing game where drivers will compete to cross the finish line first. Put together a strategy and make your moves wisely to win the race!


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Formula D is a racing game where 2-10 drivers aged 8 years or over will compete to cross the finish line first. Experience the role of famous racing drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton, when making decisions regarding what gear to be in as you make your way around the track.

The vehicle works the same way as in real life, collide with other cars and you will lose points. Drivers must stop around corners a set amount of times to avoid losing points and ensure they are in appropriate gears at all times. The first car to cross the line wins!

Formula D Gameplay

Find a simplified version of how to play Formula D below:

  1. To begin the game each driver will roll the black die.
  2. The result of the dice determines how you will drive.
  3. Drivers will determine the order they play based on who is in lead for the following turns.
  4. On a drivers turn, they will decide whether to go up or down gears.
  5. Each gear skipped will cause damage to the vehicle.
  6. The round continues until every driver has moved along the track.
  7. The number of spaces a vehicle can move is determined by the gear they are in.
  8. Drivers can be disqualified from the game if they crash into another vehicle.
  9. The game ends once all drivers have crossed the finish line.
  10. First car to cross the line wins!

Game Components

The full list of components for Formula D are in a list below:

  • Game Board
  • Black Die
  • Instruction Book
  • Dice x6
  • Formula 1 Cars x10
  • Dashboards x10
  • Gear Sticks x10
  • Markers x10

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