Forgotten Waters: A Crossroads Game


Forgotten Waters includes a range of characters, locations and goals that will bring laughter and fun for all! Take on the role of pirates and sail ships through a world of adventure, it’s up to you and your fellow players to decide whether you want to save it or steal all it’s money.

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Forgotten Waters Is a game where 3-7 players aged 14 years and over will take on the roles of pirates. Choose from a range of options such as roles and personal goals which will lead to consequences if not chosen carefully. As well as having plenty of fun sailing ships, you will also need to feed your crew.

Explore the colourful world full of fun in this strategy game where only careful decisions will lead you to victory. The game also includes over 30 different locations for you to discover so the fun will never stop. Download the fully-narrated online app and listen as your adventures come to life for all to hear on any web browser or phone for offline use!

Forgotten Waters Gameplay

Below is a simplified version of how to play Forgotten Waters, we also advise you watch the video below for a better understanding:

  1. The game begins with the Planning Phase where players have limited time to choose between unlimited, limited, locked and required actions.
  2. During the action phase players will resolve their actions one at a time.
  3. After this, turn to a new page in the location book and read any location warnings out loud.
  4. Start a new round without reading the action resolutions.
  5. Games can end in four ways: Drowned, Mutiny, Threat or Scenario Goal Reached.
  6. Drowned is where the ships hull reaches 0 and every player loses.
  7. Mutiny occurs when the discontent is equal to or higher than crew numbers, every player loses.
  8. If the last threat is reached, again every player loses.
  9. Scenario Goal Reached is when all players that complete 4 events win the game.
  10. Players have the option to save the game if wanting to return to it later.

Game Components

Full list of game components for Forgotten Waters will be found below:

  • Location Book
  • Rulebook
  • 12-Sided Dice
  • Tokens
  • Location Dials
  • Treasure/Story Card
  • Objective Card
  • Ship Scribe Sheet
  • Player Sheet
  • First Mate Board
  • Boatswain Board
  • Cooper Board
  • Lookout Board
  • Quatermaster Board
  • Gunner Board
  • Ship Stat Markers
  • Treasure Chest Card
  • Ship Standee
  • Pirate Standees
  • Player Infamy Markers

How to Play Forgotten Waters

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