Fog of Love


Face challenges as two players take on roles of two lovers trying to form a relationship. However, trying to navigate a relationship with different personalities will prove a struggle.

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Fog of Love is a game where 2 players aged 17 years or over will try and navigate a relationship consisting of different personalities. Join the rollercoaster of difficult compromises and awkward situations in this romantic game!

Just like a real relationship the couple may have different opinions on a variety of things. So, will you listen to your partner or break their heart? The choice is yours!

We cannot guarantee your relationship will end happily ever after, however, we are certain this game will bring lots of surprises and laughter to your game nights!

Fog of Love Gameplay

Start the game by choosing a story to play and collecting the chapter cards. These give you an event to play as well as stating how many events will occur  and the deck you should be drawing from.

Most of the events will require either one or both players to decide on actions. Do this by placing down your poker chips and flipping them to reveal your choices. The event card then decides the effect of the actions you chose.

At the end of the game compare your total against your trait goals and see whether you managed to achieve them. Players are committed to an end objective which may allow you both to win together!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Fog of Love below:

  • Game board
  • Dual-sided character cards (man/woman) x2
  • Card holders (pink & blue) x2
  • Custom insert
  • Card dividers x18
  • Scenes x110
  • Love Stories x4
  • Destinies x14
  • Traits x38
  • Features x60
  • Occupations x36
  • Tutorial cards x30
  • Choice tokens x8
  • Personality tokens x80
  • Custom token boxes x2
  • Rulebook

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins), Long (Over 90 mins)




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