Flesh and Blood: Rosetta – Booster Pack

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Return to Candlehold, where Earth and Lightning converge in Flesh and Blood’s first ALL-ARCANE set! Rosetta features four new heroes across Wizard and Runeblade classes – Florian, Verdance, Aurora, and Oscilio.

With the return to Aria comes the return of the Elemental talent, that will see heroes wield and meld Earth and Lightning cards like never before! The path of Earth rewards the slow and steady, patiently planting seeds for a bountiful harvest. The path of Lightning rewards the fast and fervent, burning bright like a shooting star. Will you outlast… or outblast?

With a brand new two-class / two-talent set structure opening up new Sealed Deck and Booster Draft possibilities, the return of the Elemental talent to Constructed, powerful support cards within the Expansion Slot, and a collection of 24 stunning Full Art Marvel cards, Rosetta will enchant players and collectors alike.

Product Configuration:
258* cards in set
16 cards per pack
24 packs per display
4 displays per case
Set Composition:
1 Fabled
5* Legendary
49 Majestic
57 Rares
128 Commons
14 Tokens
24 Marvels
Rarity Distribution:
Cold Foil – 1 per 24 packs (replaces a token)
Rainbow Foil – 1 per pack
Rare or higher – 2 per pack (1 Rare + 1 Rare or Majestic)
Common – 11 per pack
Token – 1 per pack
Token / Expansion Slot – 1 per pack (the Expansion Slot may include content that expands any class or talent)

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