Flesh and Blood: 1st Strike Deck – Terra

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1st Strike is the latest thrilling way to learn how to play Flesh and Blood! With two ready-to-play out of the box Blitz decks featuring brand new heroes and exciting yet simple mechanics, 1st Strike is the perfect starting point for any brave adventurer setting their sights on the world of Rathe. Designed to teach new players the basics, 1st Strike has everything you need to equip your hero and dive straight into battle!Take up the mantle of an Elemental hero, harnessing your connection to the forces of nature in order to unlock powerful abilities! Stand firm with Terra, a Guardian who’s unbreakable Earth Bond keeps him alive while he cultivates a late-game smackdown! Feel the Lightning Flow with Aurora, a Runeblade who fries her opponents to a crisp with a barrage of electrifying attacks!

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