Flamme Rouge


In Flamme Rouge you will race your friends and family as you all head towards the finish line. Use your skills and position your player carefully to be in for the chance of winning!

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Flamme Rouge is a race for 2-4 players aged 8 years and over. This fast-paced bicycle game gives each player control of Rouleur and Sprinteur riders that come with unique card decks. Draw cards to get your cyclists moving and try to avoid exhaustion!

When racing against other players the notion of slip streaming can help benefit your position in the race. If you are ahead of the pack or not close enough behind others you will receive an exhaustion card with a low value which will slow you down.

The game is played out throughout three phases known as the Energy Phase, Movement Phase and the End Phase. Each phase is just as important and can lead you to victory, these three phases will continue in order until a player passes the finish line!

Flamme Rouge Gameplay

Here you can find a brief overview on how to play Flamme Rouge:

  1. Choose a stage card and set up your track tiles accordingly.
  2. Players will then select their colours then take the matching player board and energy cards.
  3. Shuffle and form the card decks indicated on the player boards.
  4. Place the exhaustion card deck face-up in reach of all players.
  5. Players will now place their cyclists in any lane behind the start line.
  6. To begin the energy phase, players will choose one of their riders and draw four cards from the matching deck.
  7. Choose one of these cards and place it face-down in front next to your player board.
  8. For the movement phase, players will move their cyclists equal to the number on their chosen card.
  9. The end phase requires all played cards to be removed, if two packs have one square between them then the rear pack can move forward and merge.
  10. If a cyclist has an empty square in front of them an exhaustion card is taken and placed into the riders deck.
  11. Continue these three phases until a player makes it to the finish line!

Game Components

The game components for Flamme Rouge are in a list below:

  • 8 Plastic Cyclists
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 21 Double-Sided Track Tiles
  • 190 Cards
  • Rulebook

How to Play Flamme Rouge

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