Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Creatures: Deathclaw Matriarch

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The new Commonwealth wave of miniatures and rules expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare has arrived!

A ‘normal’ deathclaw is among the deadliest predators found in the Commonwealth. Even more dangerous still, are the Matriarchs, the largest and most powerful adult females who defend their territory against all incursions with a swift and brutal response.

This pack includes the looming Deathclaw Matriarch that bears down on smaller models with it’s intimidating height of 68mm. Look out for other miniatures sets in the Commonwealth wave!


1x Deathclaw Matriarch
1x scenic base
This Fallout: Wasteland Warfare set contains one 32mm scale high-quality multi-part resin miniatures with scenic bases. Requires some assembly.

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