Fall Of The Necromancer (Hardback)


This Fall of the Necromancer tome for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game reveals the history of Sauron the Necromancer. Also including the story of Sauron’s rise to power within Dol Guldur and the White Council’s showdown with Necromancer himself!

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This Fall Of The Necromancer 72-page hardback supplement features the story of Sauron the Necromancer, Narrative Play Scenarios, Painting Guides and so much more. Many years since Sauron was cast from the Middle-earth at the Battle of the Last Alliance, he has returned as a Necromancer ready to corrupt the realm once more. By building Dol Guldur, his influence soon spread throughout the Greenwood and it slowly began to turn into a dark and cursed place. That was until Gandalf and the White Council decided to shine a light on Sauron’s ambition.

This hardback for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game reveals the history of Sauron the Necromancer and his return. It also features background information on the lands surrounding Dol Guldur, along with multiple narrative play Scenarios and a campaign system to help link them all together. Also including modelling tips and four brand new Legendary Legions which represent iconic forces from both sides of the conflict!

Fall Of The Necromancer Contents

Find the full list of contents below:

  • History of the Necromancer – Sauron’s Return, Founding of Dol Guldur and Events Leading to Defeat
  • Narrative Scenarios – Background, Board Layouts, Objectives, Rules and More x13
  • Fall of the Necromancer Campaign – Rules to Link Scenarios, Powerful Benefits and Additional Challenges
  • Background Details – Rules for Five Armies Known as The White Council, Radagast’s Alliance, Halls of Thranduil, Dark Powers of Dol Guldur and Dark Denizens of Mirkwood
  • Legendary Legions – Rules for Four Legions Known as Rangers of Mirkwood, Vanquishers of the Necromancer, Pits of Dol Guldur and Rise of the Necromancer
  • Ruins of Dol Guldur Masterclass – Painting Guide and Tutorials for Stonework, Metal and Organic Features
  • Forces of Good and Forces of Evil Showcase – Selection of Models to Highlight Key Units

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