Escher Weapons & Upgrades (Necromunda)


Upgrade your Escher gang with this incredible range of both deadly weapons and accessories. Personalise your gang with new weaponry and the choice of alternate heads so they are completely unique ready to fight!

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Escher Weapons & Upgrades is a 78-piece plastic kit that includes a selection of deadly weaponry. The masters of chemical manipulation may lack physical strength, but this is made u for by speed and skills. A wide variety of weaponry allows the game to be truly unique, they can even be personalised further using alternate heads and arms!

Fighting for House Escher is a gang populated by women who have a sheer psychotic flair. Introduce your now personalised gang to games of Necromunda, where gangs fight in the crime-ridden Underhive. The hive world consisting of factories and mines was founded during the Dark Age of Technology. In the oldest undercities is where gangs will fight under their deaths, without the chance to witness daylight. The world of Necromunda is resembled using a 3D tabletop layout that features multi-story buildings as well as bridges to offer you a great experience!

Compatible with the Escher Gang kit, Escher Death-maidens and Wyld Runners kit.

Escher Weapons Components

Find the full list of components for Escher Weapons below:

  • Flamer x2
  • Meltagun x2
  • Plasma Gun x2
  • Shotgun x2
  • Needle Pistol x2
  • Heavy Stubber x2
  • Needle Rifle x2
  • Autopistol x2
  • Hand Flamer x2
  • Power Sword x2
  • Chainsword x2
  • Stub Gun x2
  • Alternative Hair x10
  • Alternative Heads x10
  • Grenade Bandolier x4
  • Hip Knife x2
  • Pointing Hand Arm x2
  • Punching Fist Arm x2

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