Eldrad Ulthran (Eldar Craftworlds)


This multipart plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble Eldrad Ulthran for the Eldar Craftworlds. Including a Witchblade, Staff of Ulthamar, Shuriken Pistol and more!


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This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components required to assemble the Eldar Craftworlds Eldrad Ulthran. Standing tall and mighty with the beautifully-jeweled witchblade as well as the Staff of Ulthamar, he is wearing the impressively elaborate armour to reflect his status as high Farseer. Patterns of wraithbone runes are secreted about the model and Eldrad is known for having devised over a dozen. Even his cloak has been inscribed with runes, to demonstrate his psychic might and should his psychic abilities somehow fail, he carries a shuriken pistol too.

Eldrad Ulthran was once the chief amongst all the Farseers of Ulthwé. He has lived for over ten thousand years, and has been able to successfully guide his people along the paths of fate ever since the Fall and the rise of the Imperium. Many times Eldrad has managed to avert disaster, not for just his former craftworld, but the whole Aeldari race.

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Eldrad Ulthran Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x13
  • Witchblade
  • Staff of Ulthamar
  • Shuriken Pistol
  • Citadel 32mm Round Base

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