Elder Sign


From the designers of Arkham Horror, Elder Sign requires you to take control before it is too late. It’s 1926 and the gates to the beyond begin to leak open, choose your investigator and seal the portal before it is too late.

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Elder Sign provides for 1-8 players aged 13 years and over in this race against time. Choose your investigator carefully as they are armed with different tools, allies and knowledge. Players must use their sanity and stamina to locate the powerful Elder Signs and seal away the ancient ones before they attack.

Locate Elder Signs by successfully completing your tasks and adventures before the battle commences. Keep an eye on the clock, as the ancient ones will be finding their way to earth as you roll dice to reveal your fate Only you can save the world from supernatural forces from finding its way to earth as the creatures continue to increase their strength.

Elder Sign Gameplay

The rules for Elder Sign are listed below:

  1. Select one of the eight ancient ones.
  2. Draw six adventure cards and place them face-up in the middle of your playing area.
  3. To resolve an adventure, players must match dice results against the symbols required.
  4. If the results match, place the dice on top of the corresponding requirements.
  5. Re-roll the remaining dice and try to complete the remaining tasks on your adventure card. If you fail, remove one die until you can place them or you run out of dice.
  6. Successfully completing an adventure will gain you rewards including clue tokens, allies, discovering locations and the elder signs.
  7. Failure to complete tasks can cause the loss of sanity or stamina.
  8. If you fail to defeat the ancient one, players will be forced into combat with an ancient god!

Game Components

Components for Elder Sign, including the dreaded clock, are below:

  • Rulebook
  • Carboard Clock
  • 8 Dice (6 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red)
  • Entrance Reference Sheet
  • 80 Oversized Cards
  • 76 Small Cards
  • 147 Cardboard Tokens and Markers

How to Play Elder Sign

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