Temple of Elemental Evil: Dungeons and Dragons


Beneath the Sword Coast monsters lurk in dungeons ready to attack. In Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil it is your job to discover the dungeons and slay all beasts!


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Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil is a fantasy board game where 1-5 players aged 14 years or over will explore monster-infested dungeons.

Play as heroic adventurers with multiple weapons, spells and abilities to aid your way through the mysterious dungeons. Fight for your survival, overcome multiple hazards and find lots of treasure throughout your adventure!

Temple of Elemental Evil Gameplay

The game begins with every player selecting a hero, such as a wizard, cleric, or fighter. On their turn, players will explore the dungeon and fight monsters. If a new dungeon tile gets revealed, there will an encounter and new monsters are added to the game.

Killing monsters will reward players with both treasure and experience points. This allows their hero to level up and increase skills during play. All players must cooperate with each other in order to stay alive, slay monsters, and achieve their goals. Each scenario will have a different goal, from retrieving relics to slaying large monsters.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Temple of Elemental Evil below:

  • Figures x42
  • Hero Cards x5
  • Villain Cards x4
  • Rulebook
  • Adventure Book
  • 20-Sided Die
  • Interlocking Dungeon Tiles x32
  • Double-Sized Interlocking Start/Town Square Tile
  • Double-Sized Interlocking Elemental Node/Town Tiles x4
  • Cards x200
  • Starting Deck
  • Advanced Deck
  • Tokens x168
  • Advancement Tokens x24
  • 1 HP Tokens x64
  • 5 HP Tokens x8
  • 1-Inch Circles x30
  • One Hundred Gold Pieces Tokens x40
  • Five Hundred Gold Pieces Tokens x16
  • One Thousand Gold Pieces Tokens x5
  • Condition Markers x20
  • Healing Surge Tokens x5
  • Monster HP Tokens x16
  • Timer Tokens x8
  • Trap Tokens x44

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