Dune Imperium


Become a leader, raise your banner and marshal your spies in this game of Dune: Imperium. Based in the universe created by Frank Herbert, this game offers a completely new and unique gaming experience!

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Dune Imperium is a board game where 1-4 players aged 14 years or over will experience influence, intrigue and combat. Based in the universe created by Frank Herbert, this game plays really well and bring a completely new experience.

Throughout the game players will gain resources and deploy troops to conflicts. End the game by resolving any Intrigue cards and announce the player with the highest amount of victory points as the winner!

Dune Imperium Gameplay

Each player will start the game with a leader card and card deck. Cards will identify your strengths and weaknesses and enable you to send agents to particular spaces on the game board.

Players will draw a hand of cards at the beginning of every round and alternate turns with other players. If it’s your turn and you have no agents to place, reveal the your cards to provide persuasion and swords. Persuasion will acquire more cards and swords help the troops fight for rewards.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Dune Imperium below:

  • Game Board
  • Board Space Guide Sheet
  • House Hagal Rules Sheet
  • Rulebook
  • Water Tokens x15
  • Solari Tokens x24
  • Spice Tokens x23
  • Mentat Meeple
  • Alliance Tokens x4
  • Baron Harkonnen Tokens x4
  • First Player Marker
  • Leaders x8
  • Conflict Cards x18
  • Intrigue Cards x40
  • Imperium Deck Cards x67
  • Reserve Cards x24
  • House Hagal Cards x31
  • Starting Deck
  • Wooden Cubes
  • Wooden Discs
  • Agents
  • Control Markers
  • Combat Marker


How to Play Dune Imperium

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