Drukhari Codex


Introducing the definitive book for Drukhari fans. This 9th edition Drukhaki Codex features 27 datasheets that covers all units available to the Drukhari army.

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Drukhari Codex focuses on the ancient and highly intelligent race of alien tormentors and raiders. They consider themselves superior to other races and take pleasure in causing physical and emotional pain. Their thirst for torment grows them stronger and power will be increased as their souls are filled by only the suffering of others.

This book will prepare you to launch raids with anti-grav vehicles, vat-grown cyborgs and venom killers. Including photographs of painted models for inspiration and the rules required for games of Warhammer 40,000.

Find descriptions of the Drukhari and the Dark City with different factions and agile warriors armed with weapons to inflict pain alongside their high speed attacks. Drukhari warriors get more and more dangerous as the pain they inflict will help to gain them power. Wyches take skill-enhancing substances, known as combat drugs, to raise their abilities to ridiculous heights. Multiple units of Wyches are now able to take two random combat drugs at the same time which can lead to unexpected results. So, whether you prefer Kabalite Warriors or Gladiatorial Wyches this book is perfect for you.

Drukhari Codex features the background and lure for Drukhari alongside rules for Crusade campaigns. Become a powerful crime lord of Commorragh complete with your own territories. Take advantage of Agendas, Requisitions, Battle Scars and personalise your force using the new unique rules!

Drukhari Codex Components

This 120-page codex features the following :

  • Datasheets providing tabletop rules for units from the Drukhari army.
  • Army-wide rules so you can transform miniatures into an army.
  • History and dark origins of Drukhari and the competing factions that are hungry for power.
  • Painted Citadel Miniatures



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