Don’t Get Got


Want a game that doesn’t involve rolling dice, answering questions and sitting around a table? This is the perfect unique game that will be played anywhere whenever you like with no time limit!

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Don’t Get Got can go on for hours, days or even weeks. This is especially ideal for weekend getaways, holidays or just some family fun! If you are 14 years and over, you will complete up to six secret missions that involves tricking 2-8 players into doing something strange. We recommend you don’t start the game straight away because if another player figures out you’re tricking them, you have failed your secret mission. For example, one of the missions is to put your task card inside of a glass jar and trick another play into opening it for you. If you succeed this mission you flip your card to the ‘nailed it’ side, however if you failed you flip it to the ‘failed it’ side. While waiting for the perfect moment use your ‘Guess What’ black card and try to trick other players into answering. The winner is the first player to complete 3 secret missions!

Don’t Get Got Gameplay

  1. Hand each player an empty mission wallet.
  2. Deal out five white mission cards to each player facedown and keep them secret from each other.
  3. Give one black mission card to each player (these are all the same).
  4. Slide each of your missions into your mission wallet.
  5. Now complete your secret missions.
  6. If you complete a mission, then take your card and show it to the player.
  7. Flip this mission over to the green ‘nailed it’ side before putting it back in your wallet.
  8. If a player figures out, you are trying to trick them you must show them the card and flip it over to the ‘failed it’ side.
  9. Every player also has the black ‘guess what’ card in their wallet. If a player asks you to ‘guess what’ make sure not to answer!
  10. The first player to complete 3 missions wins the game!

Game Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • 188 Mission Cards
  • 8 Custom Card Wallets

How to play Don’t Get Got

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