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Are you a fan of Dobble? The game has returned featuring Pixar characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and more!

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Dobble Pixar is a kids card game where 2-5 players aged 4 years and over will race to locate matching cards. This simple card game is not only extremely easy to play but is a great hit with all the family making it the perfect party game!

Race against your fellow players to match cards that feature characters from popular Pixar films! Find Woody from Toy Story, Dory from Finding Nemo, Mile Wazowski from Monsters Inc 2 and so much more.

As tension begins to increase throughout the game players will need quick reactions and shout the name of the character before grabbing it from the pile. Games will last approximately 10 minutes per round, ideal to keep children entertained and wanting another round!

Dobble Pixar Gameplay

Similar to games of ‘snap’, Dobble is a game of quick reactions and matching cards. However this time the cards all feature your favourite characters from Pixar movies!

Make sure to not let the tension get the better of you as all players will be racing to claim the cards. There are five different ways to play, but all require quick reactions. The trick is to locate the top face-up card with one that matches yours. So shout out the name and slap your hand down to win!

Game Components

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