Disney’s Villainous


Take on the roles of Disney Villains desperate to take over the forces of good using their unique abilities. Players can indulge in the life of famous villains including Ursula, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Prince John and more!

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Disney’s Villainous is a game where 2-6 players aged 10 years and over will have to create a sinister plan during their fight for victory. Players will take on the roles of Ursula, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Prince John, Jafar and Queen of Hearts. Each villain comes with their own unique abilities, for example the character Prince John will start a round with 20 power tokens.

Villainous is easy to learn and play as it includes instructions and set guides for each character with strategies to guide players throughout the game. Once you have learned how to play you can discover the abilities of each villain which offer different game experiences. Villainous can be played as a standalone game or with expansion packs including Evil Comes Prepared, Wicked to the Core, Perfectly Wretched and more.

Villainous Gameplay

Find a simplified version of how to play Villainous below:

  1. On a players turn they will Move their Villain, Perform Actions and Draw Cards.
  2. Villains must be moved to any unlocked location on a players board.
  3. Players will then take an action including Gain Power, Play a Card, Activate, Fate, Move an Item, Move a Hero, Vanquish and Discard Cards.
  4. At the end of a players turn they will draw from their Villain deck until they have four cards in their hand.
  5. Once a villain has achieved their objective they win the game!

Game Components

We have provided the full list of game components for Villainous below:

  • Boards x6
  • Villain Movers x6
  • Villain Cards x180
  • Fate Cards x90
  • Tokens x84
  • Reference Cards x6
  • Villain Guides x6
  • Instructions

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