Disney Lorcana: Shimmering Skies – Starter Deck – 2 Set

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Elevate your Lorcana experience with the Shimmering Skies Starter Deck 2-Set, featuring both the Amethyst/Ruby and Emerald/Steel decks. This comprehensive set offers a diverse and strategic gameplay experience with iconic characters like Elsa – The Fifth Spirit, Wreck-It Ralph – Demolition Dude, Scar – Vengeful Lion, and Kronk – Head of Security.

2 Preconstructed Decks:
Amethyst/Ruby Deck: Includes 60 cards with 2 foil cards of Elsa and Wreck-It Ralph.
Emerald/Steel Deck: Includes 60 cards with 2 foil cards of Scar and Kronk.
22 Game Tokens: Essential for tracking gameplay elements.
2 Quick Start Rulebooks: Easy-to-follow guides to get you started quickly.
2 Booster Packs: Each contains 12 randomized cards to expand your collection.
Perfect for both new players and seasoned veterans, this 2-set provides everything you need to dive into the magical world of Lorcana. Enhance your gameplay with the powerful and strategic combinations these decks offer. Let the magic of Shimmering Skies shine in your collection!

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