Dino Dump


The Dino Dump Board Game is a perfect travel card game for dinosaur-obsessed kids. However, this quick-fire game will have a very smelly ending for one unlucky player!

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The Dino Dump Game is for players aged 6 years and over. Ideal for families with kids, grab 2-4 players and get rid of both your dinosaur themed number and power cards as quickly as possible to escape the gruesome ending. Following similar rules to UNO, the game is made much more interesting by using your power cards to sabotage others, such as ‘Back to One’, ‘Can’t See Me’, ‘4 Or Under’, ‘Switch Direction’ and ‘Burn Deck’. Lasting around 10 minutes per game, it is certain to keep your kids entertained as they will need to be concentrating on winning the game as fast as possible!

This classic card game is however called Dino Dump, meaning you will get a rather smelly sticker if you are the last player standing. The loser must wear their foul-smelling scratch and sniff sticker with pride as you start the next round!

Dino Dump Gameplay

The portable kids party game has easy rules to follow:

  1. Deal out three cards to each player facedown.
  2. Then deal out another three cards to each player face up.
  3. Now deal three more cards to each player and keep these in your hand facing away from other players.
  4. You can swap any power cards in your hand with those facing up.
  5. One player can now place a card in the middle of the table.
  6. When you play a card, always pick another from the pile so you always have 3 cards in your hand.
  7. The next player must player a number card which is the same or higher. You can also choose to play a power card which can go on any other card.
  8. If a player cannot use their cards, they must pick up the discard pile.
  9. When all cards have been played you can now use those facing down.
  10. Last player to have remaining cards is the loser of the game.

Game Components

Like we mentioned, Dino Dump is portable as it only includes two components:

  • 50 Cards
  • Sticker Sheet of 6

How to play Dino Dump

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