Dice Forge Rebellion


Add more cards, die faces and board with this Dice Forge Rebellion Expansion. Players will continue their journey and face greater challenges and interactions than ever before!

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Dice Forge Rebellion is an expansion pack where 2-4 players aged 10 years or over will complete quests and gain rewards. This expansion includes a variety of new die faces, cards, game boards and more so you can continue playing!

The new components will offer players greater challenges and interactions to bring a unique gameplay. Throughout the game players will upgrade their dice and earn more resources and effects to bring them closer to glory. Collect as many rewards as possible because the player with the highest amount of glory points will win and earn a place among the gods!

Dice Forge Rebellion Gameplay

During each turn in Dice Forge, players will decide between spending gold or shards. Gold earns players a new dice face which will offers more unique effects and resources. On the other hand, shards will give players one time bonuses, ongoing upgrades and end game points.

Players can track their resources using their player boards. Simply hold the cubes in place by moving the tracker up and down.

This quick-paced game will appeal to all the family, as well as any children from the age of five up. This is because the outcomes of the game are easy to understand and explain.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Dice Forge Rebellion below:

  • Rulebook
  • Forest Board
  • Forest Sleeve
  • Reserves of Ancient Shards x4
  • Golem Tokens x4
  • Allegiance Tokens x4

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