Detective: A Modern Crime Game


Take on roles of detectives and solve five different cases in Detective: A Modern Crime Game! Players will become Antares Detectives and use modern tool to solve difficult cases. Do you have the knowledge to connect the cases together?

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Detective: A Modern Crime Game is an adventure board game where 1-5 players aged 16 years or over will use modern tools to solve difficult cases.

Players will join the Antares National Investigation Agency and use an innovative online web-portal to piece together any evidence and information that is gathered from crime scenes and people of interest.

Use the web app to match fingerprints and follow leads to prepare for interviews with both victims and suspects. We encourage players to make notes throughout the game so you don’t get overloaded with information and are following important leads!

Detective: A Modern Crime Game Gameplay

Take on the life of detectives in a modern setting In Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. Throughout the game players will gain access to the online database containing data about suspects, witnesses, and important documentation from any arrests and trials that are related to your case. Make sure to use every tool possible to solve these crimes such as consulting the Internet, checking facts and discovering new clues.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • Game Board
  • Casebook
  • Antares Database
  • Character Tiles x5
  • Case Decks x5
  • Time Marker
  • Investigation Team Marker
  • Day Marker
  • Special Tokens x5
  • Antares Guide
  • Rulebook
  • Authority Tokens x15
  • Stress Tokens x10
  • Used Ability Tokens x5
  • Research Tokens x3
  • Technology Tokens x3
  • Perception Tokens x3
  • Questioning Tokens x3
  • Wild Skill Tokens x5

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