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Destinies is a story-driven game combined with the use of an app. Explore the dark medieval fantasy-land and race to fulfil your destiny in this adventure board game!

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Destinies is an adventure game where 1-3 players aged 14 years or over will race to fulfil their destiny. Using the corresponding app, players will receive a unique experience of different adventures and events.

The app leads players through the game and their playing options. However, the choices they make have consequences and will change the world forever. The game is not competitive, players will each have to solve their personal destiny by making their own actions.

Each scenario will be full of mysteries, dark stories and incredible characters which players will come across on their journey. Discover mythical locations, encounter demons and interact with a variety of characters to overcome challenges. The first player to fulfil their destiny wins the game!

Destinies Gameplay

Find an overview on how to play Destinies below:

  1. Each player will have two personal destinies which will be found on the back of their destiny card.
  2. Reveal the first player using the corresponding app.
  3. On your turn, you will perform three steps.
  4. The start of the turn step begins by refreshing one effort die, to do this move it to the personal supply area.
  5. For the movement step, the active player will choose a tile and move to it.
  6. Players can then explore the tile using the app.
  7. The final step is to visit a point of interest and follow the instructions on the app.
  8. The finale consists of a series of events and tests shown on the app.
  9. Once a player fulfils their destiny, they win!

Game Components

The full components for Destinies will be in a list below:

  • Rulebook
  • 150 Item Cards
  • 15 Destiny Cards
  • 3 Player Boards
  • 6 Main Dice
  • 9 Effort Dice
  • 26 Point of Interest Markers
  • 20 Coin Tokens
  • 20 Experience Tokens
  • 16 Skill Marker Tokens
  • 10 Pairs of Trade Tokens
  • 31 Miniatures

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Fantasy, Horror

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