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The treacherous Wyrm Queen Valyndra has awoken from her slumber, unleashing her foul hybrid minions on the countryside to burn and raid as they please. Her lust for gold has lured her from her lair, and now it’s up to a few brave heroes to drive her back into hiding and destroy her cruel servants!

Bring even more adventure to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition campaigns with Lair of the Wyrm , an expansion that introduces new heroes, classes, monsters, quests, and more! Heroes can now discover secret rooms and investigate suspicious rumors, while the Overlord equips himself with deadly never-before-seen tricks as he fields a powerful new lieutenant. Dark secrets await within Valyndra’s lair. Do you have the courage to face the dreaded Wyrm Queen?

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Lair of the Wyrm includes a selection of all-new quests to enhance your existing campaigns (such as the base game’s campaign, The Shadow Rune ). New Rumor cards represent campfire tales and other sources of information, which sometimes result in the spontaneous addition of new quests to the campaign. All together, the expansion’s five new quests form their own cohesive storyline…one that takes place concurrently to the larger narrative in which they are used.

The quests in Lair of the Wyrm can, of course, be played as independent standalone experiences. But when used to bolster a larger campaign, they slide seamlessly alongside it, working into the existing narrative. For example, when adding Lair of the Wyrm to a campaign such as The Shadow Rune , the Overlord begins the campaign by drawing a hand of three Rumor cards. He can play one of these cards during each Campaign phase (based on its specific triggering condition), and each card may potentially lead the heroes to a quest that wasn’t previously available on the Campaign sheet (such cards are left faceup on the table, and represent new quest choices until they are selected).

Your band of heroes might be on the way to defend the farmlands in “A Fat Goblin” (a Shadow Rune quest), when suddenly the Overlord plays the Gold Digger Rumor card. Seeing smoke on the horizon, the heroes can then choose to investigate, leading to the Lair of the Wyrm quest entitled “Gold Digger.” Whichever quest they choose, however, the other will remain open for later exploration. This supplementary campaign system delivers engaging new options, while reinforcing the sense of a living, breathing Terrinoth.

In Lair of the Wyrm , two new heroes join the fight against the forces of evil.

Reynhart the Worthy is a fearless warrior whose prowess in combat means he rarely makes mistakes. He can reroll misses once per attack, helping to ensure that every strike is righteous and true. Meanwhile, High Mage Quellen is a master of body and mind, and is able to quickly recover from exertions that would devastate lesser men. Quellen has developed the ability to feed off the fatigue of those around him, gaining strength where his fellows fail.

What’s more, Lair of the Wyrm introduces two new Class decks to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition experience, for use with the Warrior and Mage archetypes. The Champion is a true leader of men, whose inspiring presence and unparalleled valor is a source of motivation for his allies. The player of this courageous fighter gains valor tokens for himself and his fellows, which can in turn be used to execute powerful attacks and other beneficial maneuvers.

The Geomancer, on the other hand, uses his mastery of the earth to smite his foes. His Summoned Stone familiar is a nigh unstoppable golem made of rock and clay, and it can fire molten lava from its arms, explode into a hail of razor-sharp pebbles, or simply pummel hapless enemies into the ground!

But even as the heroes of Terrinoth gain new allies and tactics, their great enemy silently grows in sinister power. In addition to the Wyrm Queen herself, a fearsome Dragon Lord lieutenant seemingly formed from solidified flame, the Overlord gains two new monsters: mischievous and destructive Fire Imps, and flying Hybrid Sentinels…half-dragon monstrosities with a cruel penchant for preying on the weak.

The Overlord’s new advantages are not limited to his minions, however. His new available class, Punisher, specializes in making heroes pay for every inch they advance. With abilities like Trading Pains and Exploit Weakness, the Punisher class will make the hero players flinch with fear every time something seems to go their way.

All this, along with the new Secret Room mechanic, the new “burning” condition, new Travel Event cards, and more, makes Lair of the Wyrm an outstanding addition to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition collection.

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