Delaque Nacht-Ghul And Psy-Gheists (Necromunda)


Expand your Necromunda Delaque gang with seven new miniatures! All armed with wargear, this set consists of Prospects, Brutes, Exotic Beasts and a Champion.


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Expand your Delaque gang with this Delaque Nacht-Ghul and Psy-Gheists set. Including two Nacht Ghul, two Psy-Gheist, two Psychoterric Wyrms and a Pisecean Spektor!

The rules required will be found in Necromunda: House of Shadow

Delaque Nacht-Ghul Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Nacht Ghul x2
  • Psy-Gheist x2
  • Psychoterric Wyrms x2
  • Piscean Spektor
  • 25mm Necromunda Base x5
  • 32mm Necromunda Base
  • 40mm Necromunda Base
  • 45mm Groove Stem Set

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