Deep Sea Adventure


The Japanese company Oink Games have provided us with the pocket-sized game Deep Sea Adventure, so you are able to search for treasure as you travel!

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Deep Sea Adventure is an easy game to learn with a twist, each diver must share the oxygen on the boat! Four rival explorers must compete for oxygen in this game for up to 6 players. Be careful, because the more treasure you collect, the more oxygen you will use. To make matters worse, the most valuable treasure is found at the very bottom of the sea. Can you make it back before you run out of oxygen?

Recommended for ages 8 and above, dive in deep and start your game by simply rolling the dice. All players are looking to claim treasure which is found in the shapes of triangles, pentagons, and hexagons. As the treasure is placed face down, you cannot see the value of the treasure until it is retrieved, so we hope its your lucky day!

These unfortunate divers are all having to rent the same submarine and are all just as equally desperate for treasure. So be confident in your decision making because the oxygen supply will soon start to diminish. Starting at 25 units, the oxygen goes down by the amount of treasure pieces a diver has at the start of their turn, so try and not be greedy!

Deep Sea Adventure Gameplay

Deep Sea Adventure Game is a relatively simple game to both learn and play, just follow our guide:

  1. Each player will take it in turns to roll the dice.
  2. Move your deep-sea diver according to the number you have rolled minus your amount of treasure (unless this is your first move).
  3. When a player lands on the treasure and decides to claim it, pick it up and add it to your collection.
  4. Replace this treasure piece with a generic space token so all players will have to include this space on their way up or down the game.
  5. After three rounds, the player that has returned the most treasure to the boat wins!

Game Components

Deep Sea Adventure is an extremely small travel game including:

  • Submarine
  • Two Dice
  • 48 Tokens
  • 6 Explorer Pieces
  • 1 Air Marker
  • Instruction Manual

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