Dark Elf Team Card Pack (Blood Bowl)


This Dark Elf Team Card Pack includes a full set of reference cards to use with Dark Elf teams. Including Blank Cards, Special Cards, Star Player Cards and more!

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This Dark Elf Team Card Pack has been redesigned ready for the second season ruleset. This deck contains 44 cards to help you keep track of your team stats and profiles while playing the game. Also included is Special Play cards which are exclusively for use with Dark Elf teams!

To use this card pack you will need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules

Dark Elf Team Card Pack Components

Find the full list of components for the Dark Elf Team Card Pack below:

  • Player Reference Cards x5 (Assassins, Witch Elves, Runners, Blitzers and Dark Elf Linemen)
  • Star Player Cards x3 (Roxanna Darknail, Lucien Swift and Valen Swift)
  • Random Event Special Play Cards x8
  • Dirty Tricks Special Play Cards x8
  • Blank Player Cards x19 (9x Dark Elf Linemen, 4x Blitzer, 2x Runner, 2x Witch Elf and 2x Assassin)
  • One All-Important Card

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